Koine Greek A

Koine Greek A

0.5 Credit

Available to Grades 11-12

When students hear the words "Greek of the New Testament," they tend to think of a difficult, mysterious, and exotic language that only seminary students will learn. But these assumptions are not true; Koine Greek can still be not just learned, but enjoyed by high school students!

The course is accessible and presents the information in a way that is both structured and enjoyable. Students will acquire the tools necessary to read much of their New Testament in Greek without the full rigor of a college-level course. Students will learn the ins-and-outs of Koine Greek grammar, syntax, and general linguistic principles. They will become more familiar with passages in the New Testament and the history that surrounds them. Ultimately, students who take this course will discover a deep love for the study of the Bible and an appreciation for learning languages in general.

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