Student and Parent Portals

Families can log into a Parent or Student Portal to see their students’ grades and progress. The Parent Portal is simpler to use and offers a basic overview, while the Student Portal is more complex but offers a more thorough analysis. Families are encouraged to log in at least once a week, and should reach out to the students’ teachers or counselors if they have any questions.


Parent Portal

Between work, errands, and other activities, it can be difficult for parents to always be available to make sure students are working and completing enough assignments on a daily basis. For this reason, Enlightium Academy offers an online parent portal to the parents and guardians of students. The parent portal is an account set up in Ignitia, the curriculum Enlightium students use, to increase transparency and accountability between parents/guardians and students. 

The parent portal can be created upon request and can be set up at any time during the school year. There is no extra charge for the portal and it is recommended that each parent/guardian in the family have a portal.

The parent portal is linked to each of your students’ Ignitia accounts and will give you access to view your student's:

  • Current courses
  • Percentage completed for each class and unit
  • Current grade for each course
  • Final grade for each lesson, quiz and test
  • Completion and due dates for all assignments

Parent portals are best for parents who are less technically inclined and/or do not have as much time to commit to weekly reviews. Some parents prefer to monitor their student’s work through his or her student portal because of the ability to see the assignments in more detail. If this is your preference, please review the Student Portal section below.

Obtaining a parent portal

If you would like to request a parent portal, have forgotten your login information, or need a student’s password reset please email Liya at

If you have questions about understanding your student’s progress, or would like additional information about it, you can reach our Progress Department by sending an email to or by calling 509-319-2288, option 3. Feel free to access the Academic Progress and Accountability page for further information on how we monitor the progress of your student, as well as the resources available to you as a parent.

Please note that returning families who have previously used the parent portal will need to request that EA update their parent portal to reflect the current school year. This can be done by emailing and asking for their student’s current courses to show in the parent portal account.

Student Portal


The Student Portal that a family can use to review a student’s progress is the same login that the student will use to do his or her schoolwork. Parents can log in to the Student Portal for a thorough review of the student’s progress.

Before you begin using the student portal to understand your student’s progress and grades in more depth, please keep the following in mind:

  • Only one person may be logged in at a time. If you wish to log in to the student portal, make sure the student is not in the middle of working on a quiz or test, as it will kick the student out. A great workaround is for parents to use the portal in the evenings and on weekends to avoid logging in at the same time.
  • Students are encouraged to change their passwords periodically for security purposes, so make sure you are in communication about this.The student may have changed his or her original password, so you will need to confirm the password with the student.
  • If a student forgets his or her password, or if you need to access the student’s account but are unable to do so, we are able to reset student passwords. Feel free to reach out to us at 509­-319­-2288 (toll free: 866-­488­-4818) to update the password.

A section in the student portal that is very helpful but is underutilized is our courses section. This section reveals a lot of information that is useful, not only for students, but also for parents. Below are a few features in the “Courses” tab your family may find helpful:

  • The first page under the “Courses” tab shows the student’s overall grades and his or her progress as you can see in the picture below. This information is current and is fairly accurate, since most assignments are graded automatically. With this information, you will never need to wait until the end of the quarter to know how well your student is doing!


  • By clicking any of the courses from this view, you can see the total progress and grades for all units within that course (a sample unit is displayed below). This is great for viewing your student’s progress from one unit to the next or noticing low grades before they impact the overall score.


  • You can click on any unit to see the assignments within that particular unit (as pictured). You can open multiple units to compare recent quiz grades to those of previous units.


  • Looking at the most recent unit in this view is a great way to see if your student is on track. As demonstrated in the image, you can see this by looking at the “Due” column on the left side. If your student is behind, the “Due” column will say “Overdue” and have the due date in orange. Counting the overdue assignments will give you an idea of how many assignments need to be made up, so you and the student can make a plan to catch up.


  • Clicking on any assignments marked “Graded” (under the “Status” column on the right side) will allow you to look at specific questions within the assignment. We recommend students do this after every assignment, to see which questions they answered incorrectly so that they can know exactly which concepts they need to spend some extra time on. Once you have clicked on the graded assignment, you may review the questions by clicking on the question section (located in the top right) and looking at the symbols next to the question numbers. As you can see in the image, an “x” means the question was answered incorrectly, a slash means the answer was partially incorrect, and a check mark means that the question was answered correctly. When any one of these questions is open, you can click “show/hide answers” (at the bottom, as shown in the image) to view the correct answer. Students can use this information to study material that was missed in order to improve on future quizzes and tests. Please note that on quizzes, seeing the correct answers is only available after the final attempt. If a student’s score is lower than the assigned threshold, he or she will be able to take the quiz a second time, but the student will not be able to see which questions he or she got wrong or the correct answers, until the final attempt is submitted.


Thank you for taking the time to read our tips for getting the most out of your student portal. The tips shared here, as well as information on navigation, technical errors and other tips can be found in the student orientation course. If you do not have this course assigned and would like it, please send an email to