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AP World History

Offered to Grades 10-12
1 Credit

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AP World History is a full-year course designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of historical trends in human civilizations. Students will learn how to support theories with historical evidence, evaluate primary evidence/documents, and make comprehensive evaluations of historical frameworks.

The course units include text-based content, on- and off-computer exercises, special projects, quizzes, and tests that appeal to today's learners. AP World History enriches the educational experience for Christian school students and sparks a passion for learning. This course has been built around the practices published in the AP World History Course and Exam Description.

This course focuses on the following topics:

  • Early Development: Interaction between humans and the environment
    • Demography and disease
    • Migration
    • Patterns of settlement
    • Technology
  • Social: Development and transformation of social structures
    • Gender roles and relations
    • Family and kinship
    • Racial and ethnic constructions
    • Social and economic classes
  • Political: State-building, expansion, and conflict
    • Political structures and forms of governance
    • Empires
    • Nations and nationalism
    • Revolts and revolutions
    • Regional, trans-regional, and global structures and organizations
  • Economic: Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems
    • Agricultural and pastoral production
    • Trade and commerce
    • Labor systems
    • Industrialization
    • Capitalism and socialism
  • Cultural: Development and interaction of cultures
    • Religions
    • Belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies
    • Science and technology
    • The arts and architecture

Required Purchases

ISBN Title Price
978-131360204 World Civilizations: The Global Experience $41

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