Premium Electives

Enlightium Academy supports the whole child development and so offers a variety of elective courses to our students.

We offer over 100 standard electives for students in grades 3–12. However, Enlightium students also have access to premium electives, many of which incorporate quality third-party instructors.

With premium electives, your student may choose to study one of the following:

  • Seven world languages
  • 100+ virtual music lessons
  • Advanced courses for gifted learners

Premium Electives Available

Premium World Languages

Available for Grades PreK-12.

Our Premium World Language Program provides our students with an opportunity to learn a new World Language no matter their grade. Each Premium World Language course focuses on developing all four areas of communication by balancing speaking, listening, reading, and writing elements. Multimedia instruction is added in the coursework in the form of activities to enable students to practice new skills and be ready for the graded coursework.

Premium World Languages Cost

  • Enlightium Teacher: $400 per semester/$650 per year*
  • Fuel Teacher: $750 per semester/$1,250 per year*

*Bronze students have an additional $100 fee per Premium course

Online Music Lessons with Care2Rock

Available for Grades K-12.

Enlightium Academy partners with Care2Rock to provide an opportunity for learning music through Care2Rock while earning offline credit through Enlightium.

Care2Rock offers virtual music lessons for 100+ instruments during which your student will meet one-on-one with experienced music teachers. Every lesson taken with Care2Rock directly benefits children in music appreciation! Also, learning to play an instrument can improve math skills and strengthen attention spans which benefits students in all areas of academics. Try out Care2Rock for one semester to see improvements in your child's overall school performance!

Below are a few of the instruments that students can choose from!

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Soprano ukulele
  • Electric guitar
  • Meadow violin
  • Electric keyboard
  • Voice/microphone

Care2Rock Cost

  • Semester course: $650
  • Year-long course: $1,250

Diamond students may take up to 1.0 credit through Care2Rock with no additional charge.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have not yet enrolled, make a note on the enrollment form for your counselor to review. If you have already enrolled, send your counselor an email with a request to start Care2Rock.

Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program

Available for Grades 3–8.

The purpose of Enlightium Academy’s Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program (GHLL) is to challenge talented and highly-capable learners to continue advancing to the next level, perpetuate success, unlock potential, and motivate them to strive to become better persons to fulfill God’s calling (Eph. 4:7; Matt. 25:14–30).

By providing opportunities to learn and progress at individual paces, levels, and abilities, the GHLL program’s one-on-one mentoring, evidence-based practices, specialized instruction, and project-based curriculum are designed to enhance higher-level thinking, provide creative learning experiences, progress learning, maximize one's potential, and develop skills to solidify strengths and improve weaknesses.

Students in the GHLL Program sharpen their ability to achieve success, help others, and grow in their walk with the Lord by understanding self-awareness, evaluating motivations, and exploring their specific God-given purpose. The GHLL Program mentorship and curriculum encourages and empowers students to make positive, Christ-centered changes within themselves and their environment.

Program Pricing

  •   Bronze Silver Silver+ Gold Platinum Diamond
    1 Semester $550 $400
    1 Year $1,100 $800
  •   Bronze Silver Silver+ Gold Platinum Diamond
    1 Semester $650 $500
    1 Year $1,200 $900

Discounts do not apply to the Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program.
Additional payment (if applicable) is due within 30 days of enrollment. The Accounting Department will reach out via email to arrange a payment option.
The option of withdrawal from the GHLL Program and any associated refund is possible only within the 14-day trial.

Creative Kids Acting

Available for Grades K4-12.

Enlightium Academy partners with Creative Kids Acting to offer students the chance to study acting with Chris Gilmore, a respected casting director and experienced acting teacher. Ms. Gilmore and her co-teacher have taught thousands of acting students of all ages, many of whom have gone on to star in movies and television.

Creative Kids Acting classes are designed for the students to have exciting adventures in creativity, build confidence, stretch the imagination, and develop reading and memorization skills, as well as learn many different types of performance skills and emotional delivery. At the beginning of the class, Ms. Gilmore will meet one-on-one with each student for an evaluation to ensure each child is placed in a class best suited for their development level.

Classes are held twice per month providing four hours of live instruction monthly. The class theme changes monthly and throughout the year. Special assignments are given to students between classes. Creative Kids Acting will assess each student’s acting level and place them in a group of students with similar skill or comfort levels, not necessarily by the student’s age or grade level.

Creative Kids Acting Cost:

  • Semester course: $650
  • Year-long course: $1,250

Diamond students may take up to 1.0 credit through Creative Kids Acting with no additional charge.

Some of the themes that the course may cover include:

  • On-camera acting techniques for film, television, and commercials
  • Comedy improvisation
  • Method acting
  • Meisner technique
  • Character building

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