American Literature

0.5 Credit
Available to Grades 10-12
Pre-requisite: English I

Students explore the history, culture, and the passion of America through this interactive literature course that features the writings of key colonial figures, romantic poets, the naturalists, and writers from the modern and postmodern age.

A number of literary forms are interspersed throughout the course including essays, novels, poetry, and even spirituals passed down by the slaves. Students will examine not only the genres but the movements that fueled literature in America.

This course has no required purchases. This course will not meet English graduation requirements.

Topics Discussed:

  • Early American Literature (1600-1800)
  • Literature during the Romantic Period (1800-1855)
  • Literature during the Civil War and the Reconciliation period (1855-1915)
  • Literature in the Modern Age (1915-1946)
  • Literature from the Modern to Postmodern eras (1946-Present)

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