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English Courses

Enlightium Academy uses a curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment and employs the latest multimedia techniques including graphics, games, and other activities.

One English course needs to be taken for each year that the student attends Enlightium Academy. English courses typically follow the pattern below. However, in some cases, your counselor may recommend a different English course that will meet your needs and the graduation requirements.

English I

1 credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in 9th grade.

This comprehensive online course emphasizes the importance of word usage, sentence construction, and paragraph structure to communicate effectively. Students enrolled in this course will investigate a number of literary genres including poetry, short story, drama, and the novel, and will practice their own skills through writing for a variety of purposes and through the study of oral reading and speech.

Students enrolled in this course will take a self-directed path that supports powerful written and oral communication skills as well as reading comprehension. With lessons devoted to proper usage of the parts of speech, the fundamentals of writing, and effective communication in a variety of forms, the course helps students to build their skills for higher-level communication. Students will also investigate library resources and visual aids. Required reading for this course includes The Miracle Worker and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.


Topics explored:

  • The Structure of Language
  • The Nature of Language
  • Words and Writing
  • Language in Literature
  • Short Stories and Poetry
  • Research Writing and Argumentation
  • Reading with Skill
  • Effective Communication
  • The Novel
  • Drama

English II

1 credit - available as an Honor course
Typically taken in Grade 10

Give your students the practice and knowledge they need to build stronger communication skills with this interactive online English course. From word usage and the parts of speech, to reading, writing and preparing a speech, this course covers all the bases and incorporates plenty of practice to help your students prepare for their future in the information age.

With a focus on different literary genres and building effective communication skills, students will expand their expertise in all things language, from grammar and writing, to reading and listening, lessons focus on critical evaluation and analysis. Among short stories and works of poetry, other required reading during the course includes: To Kill a Mockingbird and Doctor Faustus.

Per counselor approval, students can take Creative Writing instead of English II B.


Topics explored:

  • Language Structure
  • Writing Effective Sentences
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Speaking and Listening
  • The Development of English
  • The Short Story
  • The American Novel
  • Drama
  • Poetry

English III

1 Credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in Grade 11

With an emphasis on building traditional and digital literacy, English III not only provides students essential practice and information to make them better communicators, but also exposes them to a variety of different literary forms and genres to encourage critical thinking and analysis. These skills will be applied to writing, where students will develop arguments and sufficiently support their claims with evidence. Students will study language and learn how to look at it and literature through a Christian worldview.

A thorough review of grammar rules, an exploration of literary work by American writers, and a focus on research skills highlight this interactive online course for high school students. Building on current language skills, students will be challenged by more challenging concepts and assignments that focus on critical thinking, analysis, and strengthening communication. Among nonfiction and works of poetry, other required reading for the course includes: Our Town and The Scarlet Letter.

Per counselor approval, students can take:


Topics explored:

  • Varieties and Use of Standard English
  • Sentence Elements
  • Sentence Workshop
  • Reading: Meaning and Main Ideas
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction
  • American Drama
  • The American Novel
  • Research

English IV

1 Credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in 12th grade.

English IV not only solidifies the skills students have acquired through years of language study, but also introduces them to British Literature, classics including Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales, and the sonnets of Shakespeare. Students will also review word usage, sentence building, and the importance of effective communication in their personal and professional lives.

With an emphasis on core skills like reading comprehension, effective research and writing, oral communication, and grammar usage, this course also lets them dive deep into classic and Medieval literature with the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton. Through the use of modern British magazines and newspaper articles, students will look at how the language is used today, including the media and digital communication. Required reading for this course includes Hamlet, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, and the Bible.

Per counselor approval, students can take: 


Topics explored:

  • The Worth of Words
  • The Structure of the Language
  • Reading, Research, and Listening Skills
  • Language: God's Gift to Man
  • Medieval English Literature
  • Elizabethan Literature
  • 17th-18th Century English Literature
  • Romantic and Victorian Poetry
  • Creative Writing (Honor course only)

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