The evaluations and testing process allows Enlightium’s counselors to accurately place students in the right courses.

For the purpose of determining a proper academic program at Enlightium Academy, your student’s counselor will review the following two items:

  • The previous school’s report card for students in grades K-8 and the transcript for students in grades 9–12
  • Entrance assessments in math and English for students in grades 1–12

Based on records from the previous school, the entrance assessment results, and additional supporting documentation, your student may be placed in the foundational, standard, or Honors courses (grades 3–12), or may be recommended to participate in courses or programs such as:

  • The Gifted and Higher-Level Learner (GHLL) Program (grades 3–8)
  • The English Language Learner (ELL) Program (grades 8–12)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses (grades 9–12)
  • Dual Enrollment (DE) courses (grades 11–12)
  • The Mission Program (grades 9–12)
  • Intervention and/or 504 Programs (grades 3–12)

Methods for providing necessary records to Enlightium Academy

The Enlightium admissions team requests records from your child’s previous school*; however, parents can expedite this process by sending the latest report card/transcript to Enlightium using one of the following methods:

  • Scan and upload using our document uploader (preferred).
  • Scan and email or text a large, clear picture to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Fax to (888) 317-6571.

*For students in grades 9-12 who were previously homeschooled in the current or the previous year, examples of the work, essays, and/or graded tests for each subject taken per academic year will also need to be provided. Additional records/documentation may be requested by the Enlightium team for verification and proper placement.

Entrance Assessments

Students in grades 1–12 are assigned entrance assessments in math and English to assist counselors with the course assignment process. These tests help ensure that the student’s knowledge from the previous school aligns with Enlightium’s curriculum.

A counselor may provide less weight to the entrance assessments in assigning courses depending on the student’s grade level, records from the previous school, and collaboration with parents. Entrance assessments are typically assigned within two business days of submitting the enrollment form and should be completed by the student as soon as possible, preferably within two weeks for classes to be assigned on time.

Standardized Assessment

The Spring assessments are offered to Enlightium Academy students in grades 3–8 during the fourth quarter of each school year. 

What Records Do You Need to Provide?

Students with Missing or Insubstantial Records

Primary School

New students need to have a birth certificate provided.

Elementary and Middle School

New students who have missing records from their previous school, insubstantial records from their previous school, or who were homeschooled but lack records or evidence of schooling will need to inform the records team as soon as possible. Alternative records/documentation that may be required:

  • State Test/Assessment
  • Birth Certificate

High School

As a Washington State-approved private school, Enlightium Academy follows the guidance from our state on how to award credit to students that do not have records.

Available Programs

Primary School Program (Grades PreK-2)

Enlightium Academy offers a parent-led, print-based curriculum to primary school students. This curriculum is intended to better prepare students as they enter 3rd grade. This program is designed for students whose parents want to take the initiative of educating their student using the print-based curriculum while remaining under the umbrella and guidance of an accredited school such as Enlightium Academy. The Enlightium team will provide training, record-keeping, grading verification, and administrative support.

Standard Courses (Grades 3–12)

The majority of new students will be placed in Enlightium’s standard courses. The standard courses offer your family an education that is both academically challenging and rooted in a biblical worldview. These courses are more advanced in comparison with public education as our goal is to prepare students to further their education beyond high school. Enlightium meets students where they are in their educational journey and works to bring them to the next academic level. For a successful academic year, both parents and students are required to be active participants in the student’s education.

Foundational Courses (3–12)

Foundational courses are assigned by a student’s counselor to help them learn or relearn essential concepts that can be built upon in future courses. These courses are usually assigned to students who are struggling academically or for high school students who missed the foundational concepts that are needed to move on to the next required course for graduation.

Intervention Program (3–12)

The intervention team—which includes teachers, counselors, and administration—works together to identify the unique needs of students who struggle academically and offer additional guidance and support. The intervention can include modification of curriculum, comprehensive assistance for English Language Learners (ELL), or an Active Tier Three Plan for 504 or students with health impairments. 

Please reach out to our team if additional information is needed.

Honors Courses (Grades 3–12)

Honors courses demand a high level of participation, effort, and quality work from students. These courses contain additional concepts and explore material more in-depth than regular courses. Families can request to be considered for Honors courses when submitting the enrollment form.

Honors courses are identified as “HR” on Enlightium transcripts. Additionally, only a select few Honors courses are NCAA-approved. Honors courses have a weighted GPA value of +0.5 which is applied to the student’s final GPA.

After the 14-day trial, a $100 fee may apply if a student transfers to or from Honors courses. Honors courses are available to students enrolled in the Silver, Silver+, Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Live tuition packages.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and Alliance school students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge from the biblical worldview.

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