8th Grade

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8th Grade Curriculum Overview

8th Grade Bible

1 year

In this inspirational course, students will continue their study of practical Christianity and church history. Guided by the King James Version of the Bible, this course explores the establishment of the church, the nature of God, and the concept of salvation. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to expand their understanding of prayer and its purpose in their lives. With helpful instruction on God's will, the roles of parents and children, and Proverbs, this course provides practical biblical principles that guide teenagers on a spiritual path.

With the King James Version as the primary reference, students will trace the history of their faith through the study of early church leaders, the history of the church in the Roman Empire, the importance of the Jews, the Jerusalem church, and the church today. This course also asks students to observe their own behavior and make important personal choices based on biblical thought and prayer.

Topics explored:

  • Prayer
  • Sin and Salvation
  • The Attributes of God
  • Early Christian Leaders
  • Early Church History
  • The Early Churches
  • The Book of Proverbs
  • Personal Choices in Today's World
  • Understanding Parents
  • Walking with God

8th Grade English

1 year – available as an Honor course

A review of English concepts before high school, this comprehensive language arts course covers the origin of the English language, effective communication skills, words, sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. A focus on grammar rules and reading skills helps students to prepare themselves for the rigor of secondary instruction. Course exercises help students improve comprehension with interactive lessons that improve retention.

Throughout this course, students will focus on strengthening their oral and written communications skills and their listening and comprehension. In addition to lessons on the parts of speech, grammar, and proper language usage, students will read from a number of literary genres and write book reports that encourage analysis of writing and its many purposes. Biblical references will help students to understand communication from a Christ-centered perspective.

Topics explored:

  • Communication Basics
  • Evolution of English
  • Punctuation and Essays
  • Understanding Words and Grammar
  • Composition and Biblical Standards
  • Old and Middle English and Autobiographies
  • Structure and Reading and Speaking
  • Evaluating Media and Listening
  • Dynamic and Living Languages

8th Grade History

1 year – available as an Honor course

In this course, students will explore the history of the United States from its early explorers to the present time. From the colonization and the quest for independence to the Civil War, the Cold War, and the challenges America faces today as a global power, students explore the growth and challenges faced by this young nation.

Lessons in this interactive course begin with a look at the Spanish, Dutch, and French empires’ exploration and trading expeditions across the sea, the discovery of the New World, the colonial politics of the British, and the establishment of the colonies. Discussions examine major milestones and stumbling blocks including the quest for independence and westward expansion. Course materials give students a sweeping perspective based on historical facts and political movements that transformed the United States from a group of colonies into the 50 states of America.

Topics explored:

  • European Backgrounds
  • The Colonization of America
  • War for Independence
  • Emergence of a Nation
  • Westward Movement
  • The Civil War
  • The Industrial Nation
  • Twentieth Century World Power
  • The United States in a Changing World
  • The United States in World War One
  • The Great Depression

8th Grade Math: Pre-Algebra

1 year – available as an Honor course

The understanding of higher-level math begins with this challenging Pre-Algebra course. Designed as a core subject for 8th graders, this course can also be taken as an elective course for students in other grades. This interactive course is a thorough examination of significant math concepts including number relationships, variables, scientific notation, functions, integers, measurement, formula use, and data representation.

The first semester of this course is an overview of whole numbers, scientific notations, and square roots, building on these notions with a look at different types of equations, problem-solving, proportional reasoning, patterns, and sequences. Advanced topics such as the measurement of angles, the Pythagorean Theorem, probability, and statistics will be introduced later in the course.

Topics explored:

  • The Real Number System
  • Modeling Problems in Integers
  • Modeling Problems in Rational Numbers
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Functions
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis
  • Probability

8th Grade Science: General Science I

1 year – available as an Honor course

Presenting science from a Christian perspective, this course gives students an overview of many facets of science, from an introduction to science to an in-depth look at a number of different disciplines including the earth in space, the planets, astronomy, the weather and climate, the human body, and careers in science. Most lessons are delivered online, while off-computer experiments give students opportunities for hands-on learning and observation.

General Science I gives students a broad scientific look at the world through the eyes of biblical doctrine. From the cells and systems of the human body to the mysteries of space and the study of the earth and its atmosphere, all lessons encourage critical thinking from a Christian perspective while supporting a lifelong interest in the natural world.

Topics explored:

  • What Is Science?
  • Measurements and Graphs
  • Earth in Space
  • The Atmosphere
  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Human Anatomy
  • Careers in Science

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