State History

1 Semester/0.5 Credit
Available to grades 8-12; available to grade 7 per counselor approval

Make history come alive through this exploration of the cultural tides and events that have shaped your state. This course provides interesting and informative projects on the development of your state's government, the resources that helped create and shape the place you live, and the forces of culture that have shaped the status quo.

Not only will the State History course add depth and meaning to your student’s experience of their home, but is also designed to give your student extended practice in conducting research and writing reports while covering topics like the state capitol, important state figures, a trip through the state, Christian heritage in the state, and more.

This course will have projects. Speak to your student's teacher for details.

Topics Discussed via Projects:

  • Essay: Your State’s Governor and Leaders
  • Essay: Your State's Capital
  • Using Flip in State History
  • Presentation: Your State's Geography
  • Activity: Make A Diorama Depicting Native American History in Your State
  • Essay: Your State's Initial Settlement
  • Presentation: Your State’s Christian Heritage
  • Essay: The Civil War in Your State’s History and Other Significant Conflicts
  • Activity: Baseball Cards of Important People in Your State’s History
  • Activity: Baseball Cards of Important People in Your State’s History
  • Reflection: Your State’s Inventors, Inventions and Ideas
  • Essay: Biblical Interpretations of Your State’s History
  • Activity: Your State’s Food
  • Activity: Visit a Museum or Cultural Site in Your State
  • Presentation: Design a Time Capsule for Your City
  • Essay: The History of Natural Disasters in Your State
  • Essay: Your State’s Tourism and Culture
  • Presentation: Volunteering in Your State
  • Activity: Create a Postage Stamp or Postcard for Your State

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