World Languages

Why is learning another language important?
We live in a world with a rapidly developing global economy where communication with partners and clients from other countries is becoming a daily routine. A business may look for opportunities to expand its clientele beyond its own country. After graduating from college, individuals face a global job market full of more experienced specialists and professionals with various skill sets. The modern employer will likely prefer a bilingual worker to a monolingual prospect. Health care, journalism, the military, marketing, communication, and social services all need bilingual workers.
What are the other benefits of learning another language?
Learning a foreign language has cognitive benefits. Students who spend time learning another language can quickly improve their grades in other subjects. Research has shown that learning another language in the early elementary years improves cognitive abilities, positively influences achievement in other disciplines, and results in higher achieving test scores in reading and math. Regular memory training when learning new words, developing new brain connections and so forth may result in scoring higher on tests. Another advantage of learning a foreign language can be developing problem-solving skills. When a student learns to find the necessary verb form or to conjugate it correctly in different tenses, the student is performing many micro problem-solving steps on the way to the final goal – to make up a sentence that will sound correct in a foreign language. Learning another language can be challenging, but as a result, it will increase your student’s chances of developing the skills necessary for a successful career and life.
Seal of Biliteracy
Enlightium offers the Seal of Biliteracy to Enlightium seniors who have attained an advanced level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in another language in addition to English. The Seal of Biliteracy is placed on Enlightium’s graduate diploma and high school transcript indicating that the student has earned the seal.

World Languages at Enlightium Academy

Ignitia World Language Courses

Ignitia is the platform we use for all of our curriculum at Enlightium Academy, and for High School students we offer two World Languages on the Ignitia platform: French and Greek. The benefits of taking a French or Greek course through Ignitia is that your student’s World Language course is included on the same platform as the rest of their courses, so there is no need to access a separate platform for their World Language course. 

The French course offered in Ignitia is primarily reading and writing based. 

If you are looking for a World Language course for your elementary or middle School student, looking for more world language options, or looking for a world language course with more conversational elements that incorporate speaking and listening components as well as more multimedia instruction and practice, then Robotel or one of our offline world language options may be the best fit for your student. 

For students in grades 9-12, we offer the following World Language Courses in Ignitia (note: 8th graders may take level one courses per counselor’s approval).

Robotel Courses

High school students have two world languages on the Robotel platform: German and Spanish.*

Robotel is an amazing program. It has lots of opportunities for students to listen and speak the language!  Enlightium has also added helpful content to Livebinder to accompany the Robotel course. 

For students who are taking Robotel German or Spanish, they will be assigned a placeholder course in Ignitia. This course includes an orientation to walk them through everything that they need to know about their world language course’s platform. The placeholder course in Ignitia will also assign students lessons to complete in their Robotel world language course so that all of their daily assignments appear together in Ignitia. This helps students stay on track even though the course is on a separate platform.


*Students in grades 7-8 may take level Robotel courses per counselor’s approval).

Rosetta Stone Courses

Rosetta Stone provides students the opportunity to learn foreign languages from leading experts, ensuring a high-quality and effective language-learning experience. Whether the student is a beginner or seeking to refine their existing language skills, these courses are designed to meet the student's needs and empower them to communicate fluently.

In Rosetta Stone students will develop all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Rosetta Stone will equip students with the necessary language skills to engage confidently in conversations, comprehend texts, and express themselves fluently in foreign Languages.

Offline World Languages at Enlightium Academy

Our Offline World Language Program allows us to give students the option to learn a World Language in elementary school, middle school and high school. It also allows us to offer more languages across grade levels. Also, each Offline World Language course focuses on developing all 4 areas of communication by balancing speaking, listening, reading and writing elements. There is also more multimedia instruction in the coursework as well as several types of practice activities to prepare students for the graded coursework.

However, these Offline World Language Courses are offered on a separate platform apart from Ignitia. Elementary school students will use the Middlebury Interactive platform while middle school and high school students will use the Peak platform. Students will be assigned a placeholder course in Ignitia for their Middlebury World Language Course that includes an Orientation to walk them through everything that they need to know about their World Language course’s platform. The placeholder course in Ignitia will also assign students lessons to complete in their Middlebury World Language course so that all of their daily assignments appear together in Ignitia. This helps students stay on track even though the course is on a separate platform.

Sapphire Live and Diamond Students


Students in grades 3-5 can take up to 1.5 electives, including 1.0 premium electives, at no extra cost


Students in grades 6-8 can take up to 1.5 electives, including 1.0 premium electives, at no extra cost


Students in grades 9-12 can take up to 7.0 credits, including 2.0 premium electives, at no extra cost. Diamond only.

See Offline World Languages Offered for Your Grade Level

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