3rd Grade

Employing the latest multimedia techniques including graphics, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy uses a curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment.

3rd Grade Curriculum Overview

3rd Grade Bible

1 year

Introduce your students to the wonder of God's universe with this interactive Bible course that focuses on the life of Jesus, living for God through obedience, praise, worship, and understanding God's word and His love for His children. This course includes interesting text-based lessons, inspiring Bible verses (KJV), assessments, and interactive media to keep even the littlest learners engaged. This course helps build a foundation for practical Christian living for a lifetime.

Flexible and intuitive, this course is especially easy to navigate for young students under the guidance of a teacher. Important Christian concepts are reinforced through Bible stories, verse memorization, and writing activities. Fun, colorful, and interactive activities are woven through the course to help explain biblical teachings. Students will discover the books and authors of the Bible, explore the promises God made to His people, and learn about loving one another.

3rd Grade Bible is available completely online and accessible to students and their parents at any time. Give your students the Bible instruction they need to live a Christ-centered life with this Bible curriculum.

Topics explored:

  • You Can Use The Bible
  • The Life Of Jesus Christ
  • Joseph! What Was God's Plan?
  • Living For God
  • God Takes Care Of His People
  • The Bible Is The Word Of God
  • Archaeology And The Bible
  • God Gave Us The Need For Friends
  • God Wants Man To Help Man

3rd Grade English

1 year – available as an Honor course

Build a firm communication foundation for 3rd-grade students with this comprehensive language arts course. This course was designed to develop literacy skills by building on the basics of spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, and sentence construction through the use of colorful lessons, interactive multimedia materials, and hands-on practice.

This course supports digital literacy and critical thinking. Through the use of fables, short stories, and biographies, students will explore a variety of literature forms and try their hand at writing with different purposes. Infused with biblical references and verses (KJV), lessons encourage students to evaluate and communicate from a Christ-centered perspective.

Topics explored:

  • Vowels, Main Idea, and Capitalization
  • Sentences, Capitalization, and ABC Order
  • Dictionary Skills, Word Parts, and Vocabulary
  • Parts of Speech, Irregular Vowels, and Comprehension
  • Reading to Understand, Commas, and Silent Letters
  • Cause and Effect, Homographs, and Haiku Poetry
  • Following Directions, Suffixes, Pronouns, and Friendly Letters
  • Reading a Play, Comparing with Adjectives, and Root Words

3rd Grade History

1 year – available as an Honor course

This interactive history and geography course for 3rd-grade students sends them across the country as they investigate different types of communities in the United States of America. Not only will students learn about different ways of life, but they will also explore how God's activity can be seen in the record of man throughout history. This course includes interesting text-based lessons, inspiring Bible verses (KJV), assessments, and interactive media to help students retain content and to keep learning fun.

Flexible and intuitive, this Bible-based course is especially easy to navigate for young students under the guidance of a teacher. Throughout the course, students will study the environments, history, and activities of people who rely on different industries for their livelihood. Interactive learning activities, timelines, and maps help students understand the development of these industries while exploring how God works through His people over the course of history.

Topics explored:

  • Geography
  • New England States
  • Mid-Atlantic States
  • Southern-Atlantic States
  • Southern States
  • Great Lakes States
  • Midwestern States
  • Mountain States

3rd Grade Math

1 year – available as an Honor course

With a focus on building strong math foundations, this Bible-based course is an engaging study of numbers that solves problems for 3rd-grade Christian school students with text-based lessons and multimedia tools. Using a variety of question formats, students begin with simple arithmetic but progress through more complex concepts including fractions, decimals, graphing, and telling time. Learning games, step-by-step instructions, and illustrated solutions simplify complicated problems while engaging learners.

This course not only challenges students, but it also helps them to develop digital literacy and critical thinking skills with self-directed lessons.

Topics explored:

  • Calculate problems using addition and subtraction
  • Identify number patterns and build on addition and subtraction skills
  • Use units of measurement and build on addition and subtraction skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of place value to the thousands place
  • Review place value, measurement, and operations
  • Use the operations of multiplication, addition, and subtraction
  • Determine probability, and review operations and measurement
  • Calculate fractions and decimals, and review operations and place value
  • Use strategies for division and multiplication, and use units of measurement for capacity, weight, and length
  • Review number patterns, operations, fractions, and shapes

3rd Grade Science

1 year – available as an Honor course

Third graders explore the amazing world God created as they log into this interactive science course designed with flexibility in mind. With a focus on observation and analysis, students learn about the earth through exciting multimedia elements, interesting text-based lessons, and learning games. Lessons include Bible verses (KJV) and inspiration to encourage students to see the physical world from a Christian perspective and see God's hand in the creation of the diversity of life, the human body, and the changing of the seasons.

Exciting experiments help students to understand challenging scientific concepts while fostering keen observational skills and scientific inquiry. Students will study the systems of the human body, the life of plants, the world of animals, matter, energy, and sound as they progress at their own pace through the course. 

Topics explored:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the systems in a human body
  • Discuss the process a plant goes through in order to grow
  • Explain the difference between types of animals
  • Determine which eating and care habits are the most healthy for you
  • Distinguish between the three phases of matter and describe their properties
  • Explain how sound travels
  • Describe why time and seasons change
  • Discuss how rocks are formed and how they change
  • Explain how heat is produced (Honor course only)

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