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Academic Challenges and Health Impairments: AIMS/ISP Modifications Plan or 504 Accommodations Plan (Grades 3–12)

As a private school, Enlightium Academy (EA) is unable to provide the same type of programs that public schools provide, due to the laws that govern educational funding for students with academic challenges. However, Enlightium Academy does have several options when providing such support to its students.

Resident District ISP (Grades 3–12)

One option is a Resident District Individualized Service Plan (ISP). This is similar to an Individualized Education Program (IEP), however, it is designed to be used by a private school. Enlightium Academy is able to accept a Resident District ISP directly from a Resident District.

Please note that funds have been allocated by the federal government for the public education system to provide families that choose private education for their children an evaluation to qualify for an ISP. This is done through the family’s Resident District. They will evaluate and assess your child for an ISP. If your child qualifies, they will write, manage, and own the ISP. Enlightium Academy’s AIMS/504/ISP Coordinator will collaborate with them to provide adaptations and/or accommodations for each student as the Resident District deems necessary and in accordance with our ability to meet those needs.

The process typically takes some time and course assignment may be delayed as your Resident District finalizes documentation. In the meantime, students in grades 3–8 may continue to work on Bible courses and all students will have access to EA’s Student Orientation course.

Documented Academic Challenges or Health Impairments

Academic Intervention Measures and Support (AIMS) (Grades 3–12)

The AIMS program was developed from Enlightium Academy’s acknowledgment of the restrictive laws that govern educational funding for students with academic challenges and our desire to support the needs of our students by providing academic interventions and accommodations without a Resident District ISP. EA accepts diagnostic documentation and doctor’s letters of recommendation from parents. Parents are a member of our team when creating Academic Intervention Measures and Support (AIMS) for their child.

  • EA will use the diagnostic documentation provided by parents
  • EA’s regular education teachers' ideas,
  • EA’s vice principal's expertise in the used curriculum,
  • The child’s guidance counselor's background knowledge, and
  • The AIMS/504/ISP Coordinator’s knowledge of how to best support children with Academic, Cognitive, Intellectual, Learning, and/or Health challenges.

The above representatives will meet via a virtual meeting to develop an AIMS plan to support the success of the student.

Health Impairments - Section 504 Plan (Grades 3–12)

A student’s physical, mental, or emotional health impairment is defined as: 

...any physiological disorder or condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss affecting one or more of the following body systems: neurological; musculoskeletal; special sense organs; respiratory, including speech organs; cardiovascular; reproductive, digestive, genitourinary; hemic and lymphatic; skin; and endocrine; or any mental or psychological disorder such as, emotional or mental illness, and a major life activity, defined as functions such as caring for one’s self, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, standing, lifting, bending, reading, concentrating, thinking, and communicating are impacted your child.

If this definition applies to your child, he/she may qualify for a Section 504 Plan.

A student does not need to be substantially limited in the major life activity of learning to be eligible under Section 504. A student may have a disability that in no way affects his or her ability to learn, yet the student may need extra assistance of some kind to complete Enlightium Academy’s curriculum with success. The Section 504 Coordinator considers available diagnostic documentation and doctor’s recommendations concerning the implications for the student’s impairment and schedules a meeting to create a 504 plan. The following aspects will be a part of creating the 504 Plan:

  • Diagnostic documentation provided by parents,
  • EA teachers' ideas,
  • EA’s Vice Principal's expertise in the used curriculum,
  • The student’s guidance counselor's background knowledge, and
  • The AIMS/504/ISP Coordinator’s knowledge of how to best support children with Health Impairments
  • Parent’s expertise on their student

These parties will meet via a virtual meeting to develop a 504 plan to support the success of your child.

Documented Academic Challenges or Health Impairments Price Chart

Silver Silver
Gold Diamond
ISP $1,000/year $1,000/year $1,000/year
AIMS $1,000/year $1,000/year $1,000/year
504 Plan $1,000/year $1,000/year $1,000/year

Discounts do not apply to ISPs, AIMS or 504 Plans.

Additional payment (if applicable) is due within 30 days upon parent signature on the Informed Consent Document. The Accounting Department will reach out via email to arrange a payment.

Additional Information

Add-ons, including AIMS/ISP Modifications Plans are not available for Bronze, K-2, and Part-Time students. 504 Accommodations Plans are available for all eligible EA students.

Scheduling an Appointment

Currently enrolled families: schedule an appointment with AIMS/504 Coordinator Ms. Yohe.

Families not yet enrolled: schedule an appointment with AIMS/504 Assistant Coordinator Ms. John.

How to schedule a Calendly appointment.


Ms. Yohe
High School Counselor
Naviance & x2VOL Administrator; AIMS/504/ISP Coordinator

Ms. John
Elementary School Counselor and AIMS Assistant Coordinator

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AdvancED Accreditation

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