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ACSI Math Olympics by Mail (3rd through 8th graders only)

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Enlightium Academy is partnering with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to provide EA students who have been recognized as top performers in mathematical computation and reasoning the opportunity to compete with their peers from around the nation. Enlightium Academy participants are nominated by their math teacher based on performance during the first semester. Nominated students will join a remote session with an EA math teacher during the first week of March and test their abilities in either Computation or Mathematical Reasoning.

How To Participate

Step 1: Respond to the invitation via email.
EA math teachers will choose the top 10 performing math students for each grade level, in grades 3-8. An email invitation will be sent to parents with additional information. It is important that parents respond to the email and, should they like the student to be involved in the competition, accept the invitation.

Step 2: Start studying.
Participants are encouraged to study for the test. Each student will test in either Computation or Mathematical Reasoning, based on the teacher recommendation and as outlined in the email invitation. Practice problems will be emailed to the participants a couple weeks before the test.

Step 3: Test Day.
Test day will occur during the first week of March. All ten students from each grade will be assigned a teacher who will administer the test. Participants will be notified of the exact day and time of the test at least two weeks prior.

Each student will be required to have:

  1. An adult present. It will be the adult's responsibility to ensure that the student is not using a calculator, phone or any outside help.
  2. A webcam. The testing teacher will need to monitor the student as well, as ACSI requires two adults to be monitoring the student while he or she is taking the test.
  3. Paper and pencil.
  4. A method to turn in the solutions. This can be done either by a scanner or simply by taking a picture with your phone. After the test, the solutions must be emailed to the testing teacher.

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What happens next?

Thomas360x360After the tests have been administered, EA teachers will score each student’s work and identify the top six performers (three students each for computation and mathematical reasoning) from each participating grade. Those students’ tests will be sent to ACSI and will represent Enlightium Academy in the Math Olympics by Mail.

All participating students will receive a certificate of recognition from Enlightium Academy. Those students chosen to compete through ACSI will be recognized and will receive a certificate of participation from ACSI.

If you have any questions please contact Thomas Lambert at t.lambert@enlightiumacademy.com

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AdvancED Accreditation

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