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Science Courses

Enlightium Academy uses a curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment and employs the latest multimedia techniques including graphics, games, and other activities.

Science courses typically follow a particular order. However, in some cases, your student’s counselor may assign a science course that will meet your needs and graduation requirements.

Physical Science Lab

1 credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in grade 9
This is a lab science course.

In this course, budding scientists will discover many facets of the exciting world of science as they study atoms and molecules, energy, nutrition and health, electricity and magnetism, and force from a Christian worldview.

Scientific discovery is within the reach of every student with this online physical science lab course for 9th–12th graders. Students explore the building blocks of our world and how these small particles interact to create energy and physical mass. Lessons on measurement, observation, and evaluation encourage students to see the world through the eyes of science. Beginning with a study of the earth and fossil evidence, to the exploration of space, the course encourages critical thinking and analysis while fostering biblical beliefs and practical problem-solving.


Topics explored:

  • Science & Technology
  • Structure of Matter
  • Properties of Matter
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Energy & Change
  • Energy & Magnetism
  • Machines & Work
  • Balance in Nature
  • Science & Technology Vocations

Biology Lab

1 credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in grades 9-10
This is a lab science course.

Interactive and flexible, this course gives students a whole new way to look at God's world and learn about the relationship man has with the environment. From taxonomy and cells to the human body and the ecosystem, students are encouraged to explore all living things and answer biological questions from a Christ-based perspective.

This course is a scientific method for success, sure to engage your students through the delivery of online lessons and interactive media. A complete study of living things, this biology lab course includes lessons about plant and animal classification, habitats, the human body, cells and reproduction, ecology, microbiology, and biotechnology.


Topics explored:

  • Taxonomy
  • Chemistry of Life
  • Cells
  • Cell Division & Reproduction
  • Genetics: God's Plan of Inheritance
  • Microbiology
  • Plants: Green Factories
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Ecology, Energy & Stewardship
  • Principles & Applications

Chemistry Lab

1 credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in grades 10-11
This is a lab science course.

Students take a quantum leap into the world of chemistry with an exploration of metrics, measurement, atoms, chemicals, and the way these building blocks react when manipulated. With a variety of required experiments, the course provides hands-on and computer-based lessons.

Let the mysteries of chemistry unfold for your student with this course designed to introduce them to the atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds. Students will explore metrics, measurement, equilibrium, chain reactions, organic compounds, and the chemist's toolbox with on and off-computer lessons and experiments.


Topics explored:

  • Estimation & Measurement
  • Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
  • Gasses, Mass & Moles
  • The History of Chemistry
  • Atomic & Molecular Structure
  • Chemical Bonding & Stoichiometry
  • Chemical Changes & Reactions
  • Equilibrium
  • Chemistry Tools
  • Organic Chemistry & Hydrocarbons

Physics Lab

1 Credit – available as an Honor course
Typically taken in grades 11-12.
This is a lab science course.
Pre-requisites: Algebra I, Physical Science, and Biology

Charge up the learning with this flexible, interactive physics lab course geared for today's students. Guided by a teacher, students are introduced to the underlying principles of physics and perform experiments enabling them to see these principles in action and gain a better understanding of the motion that exists in God's creation.

This high-level science course combines cutting-edge technology with challenging academics, helping prepare high school students for rigorous college instruction. During the course, students will explore the physical world and the universe including light, motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, waves, nuclear energy, and thermodynamics.


Topics explored:

  • The Language of Physics
  • Newton, Motion & Momentum
  • Work & Energy
  • Introduction to Waves
  • Light
  • Static Electricity
  • Electric Currents
  • Magnetism
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

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