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AP Biology Lab

1 credit
Available to grades 11-12
This is a lab science course


In previous courses, students should have developed an understanding of the biological processes that are exhibited in the world. This biology lab course will expand upon that knowledge and deepen students’ understanding. The major concepts covered are chemical properties of living things, cells, genetics, evolution, biological diversity, plants, animals, and ecology.

Students at this level should show development in their ability and understanding of scientific inquiry. The units contain experiments and projects that seek to develop a deeper conceptual meaning for and actively engage the student. The continued exposure to both scientific concepts and scientific inquiry will serve to improve the student’s skill and understanding. As an AP Biology Lab course, the structure is designed to be the equivalent of a college-level general biology lab course. This course has been built around the four big ideas and seven science practices published in the AP Biology Lab Course and Exam Description.

Topics Discussed:

  • Describe the chemical properties that affect living organisms
  • Explain key characteristics and functions of cells
  • Describe the role of genetics and its impact on living organisms
  • Outline the evolutionary history of the earth
  • Describe the biological diversity of the three biological domains
  • Describe the form and function of plants
  • Describe the form and function of animals
  • Explain the role of ecology on the Earth

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